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Please don't leave me on this satellite

you're the one i like and i can't look down

The artist formally known as Claire. est. 1986
27 September
This journal portrays my life. From the dizzying cream filled high’s to the chocolate sprinkle middle ranks to the liquorice lows. A virtual smorgasbord of memoirs, recaps, musings and nonsense from the mind of a twenty one year old girl located in the most isolated city in the world.

Claire lives for…
- Music. My life has always been driven by music, since the first time i laid ears on the opening strains of ‘Mary had a little lamb’ i was compelled at music’s power to move me, grab me by the wrists and throw me into a place where only it matters.

- Intelligent conversations with the people around me, these can spring up at the most unexpected of times, on a bus, whilst cleaning the house, sitting on the beach at dusk. They can happen anywhere.

- Random conversations with the people around me, these don’t happen anywhere, they happen everywhere. With friends like mine these conversations are ever present, nipping at our heels, tugging at our sleeve. I wouldn’t change them for the world.

- Hugs and kisses, these make life that extra bit special.

- The singing trio comprising of Nikki, Jo and myself, plus our manager, Laetitia. The inseparable foursome we have become through high school and beyond has led to so many jokes, classic moments and a brand of humour we can call our very own.

- Laughter. Without it, i would wither and die.

- Sleeping. Life is closely modeled on that of the sloth.

- The beach. The sun in our eyes, the sand between our toes, fingers and inside our bellybutton, the beckoning ocean, the characters you meet, the abundance of seaweed to flick at others, the ever present prickle of sunburn, the arguing seagulls, the layer of sand on the floor of our cars. The West Australian way of life.

My journal is friends only these day's but if you add me or leave a comment i will more than likely add you back.

(for my own reference, its not a secret code)
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